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Specialists in two types of meetings

Macbook Pro and iPhone showcasing the Lean Coffee meeting format
Lean Coffee meetings uses a lightweight framework where attendees create the agenda and focus is maintained with effective time keeping
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Attendees can create discussion topics and vote on them to create a prioritised list
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Conversations are directed and productive because the agendas for the meeting are democratically generated
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Simple timers keep everyone focused on the topic
Macbook Pro and iPhone showcasing the ADM meeting format
Agenda-Driven meetings are more 'traditional' with the agenda created before the meeting starts
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Attendees can shape the direction of the meeting by adding notes, links and actions to agenda items before the meeting starts
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The dynamic agenda ensures your meeting keeps moving forwards
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As content is added to each agenda item, the meeting’s minutes practically write themselves, no need for a dedicated scribe

Functionality for all meetings

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Unlimited Attendees
Invite as many attendees to your meeting as you like, with no need to register
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Instant Meeting Minutes
Containing all of your actions, notes and attendees at a click of a button
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Video Conferencing
Integrated video conferencing through the ZOOM platform
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Fully Optimised
You'll have a great experience across Desktop, Tablet & Mobile
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Recurring Meetings
Simply schedule your meeting to repeat and paste your link in to Outlook Invites
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Real-time Synchronisation
Our platform allows everyone's screen to update simultaneously in real-time

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