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Could your meetings do with a boost? Our clients benefit from a range of tools designed to help them save time and improve on their online meeting experience.

All meeting types support integrated conference calling

Help to maintain the focus of your meeting by no longer being required to switch between screens. Now you can do everything from within the meeting, enabling everyone to actively contribute and not just watch a shared screen.

You can also share presentation slides documents from within the meeting.

Lean coffee table is ISO27001 Certified

Lean Coffee Table are certified to the international gold standard of ISO27001:2013. We invested our time in achieving this so that we can provide added reassurance to you, our clients.

Your meeting's data are certifiably safely stored, and we trust that the new ISO certification, together with the frequent penetration testing we undertake will provide you with that confidence.

Simple login from any device

We support Google, Microsoft and Slack for quick login from your mobile, tablet or PC.

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your 30 day free trial today!
your 30 day free trial today!

Instant meeting minutes

These provide a permanent record to distribute to attendees. The session summary records your session time, meeting participants, agenda items and all the comments and actions added during the meeting.

By actively participating in the meetings through the writing of notes and actions, your meeting’s minutes practically write themselves.

Quick setup, with no restrictions

Setting up a meeting board is simple and attendees are not required to have an account
Invite an unlimited number of attendees to your meeting with no need to register
Create ‘Recurring meetings’ with a link to paste in to your Outlook invites
Attendees may join the meeting using a url that takes them straight to the board

Specialists in two types of meetings

Macbook Pro and iPhone showcasing the Lean Coffee meeting format
Lean Coffee meetings uses a lightweight framework where attendees create the agenda and focus is maintained with effective time keeping
Attendees can create discussion topics and vote on them to create a prioritised list
Conversations are directed and productive because the agendas for the meeting are democratically generated
Simple timers keep everyone focused on the topic
Agenda-Driven meetings are more 'traditional' with the agenda created before the meeting starts
Attendees can shape the direction of the meeting by adding notes, links and actions to agenda items before the meeting starts
The dynamic agenda ensures your meeting keeps moving forwards
As content is added to each agenda item, the meeting’s minutes practically write themselves, no need for a dedicated scribe

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your 30 day free trial today!
your 30 day free trial today!