Agile Online Summit

Welcome to probably the most effective meeting format that exists Lean Coffee Table is ideal for distributed meetings, as the lightweight format ensures that:


  1. The attendees talk about what they want to at that moment in time
    • The agenda is built and prioritised at the beginning of the meeting
    • Tap straight into their multiple perspectives and capture insights
  2. Maintain focus and avoid disappearing down rabbit holes
    • Each topic discussion is tightly time-boxed. Attendees to determine which topics get more or less airtime
  3. Capture the actions and insights share them immediately afterwards
    • Actions, comments and learnings are captured by anyone as the meeting progresses and can be circulated in a .pdf
  4. Join the meeting on any device a. You can add topics, vote and record lessons through your phone, laptop or tablet

Special Online Agile Summit offer

  • Get your 5 facilitator license for the next 6 months at half price <link>
  • This will enable you to run unlimited numbers of meetings and attendees

For more information 

  • Tour of Lean Coffee Table 
  • The background to lean Coffee
  • Video by Jim Benson explains some of the benefits and mechanics

    * OK, we agree, that some meeting types benefit from a pre-built agenda and tight timetable. However, even many of those could be improved by adopting some of the Lean Coffee ideas.