Running an Agenda-driven meeting

Running an Agenda-driven session

Facilitator controls

The functionality for setting up, editing, inviting attendees, starting/ending an ADM meeting and creating a meeting summary report can only be done by facilitators.

Starting the meeting

Before the meeting starts, all attendees will see the meeting start time and will be able to add notes or links to relevant documents to the meeting agenda.

The facilitator starts the meeting by clicking on the 'Start Meeting' button.

The first agenda item will be highlighted in the agenda list and all attendees will see the screen with details of the first agenda item

All attendees and guests can add comments and actions during the discussion. Everything is recorded in the session summary.
The current agenda item remains highlighted while it is being discussed. When discussions on the first item are complete, the facilitator can move onto the next agenda item by clicking ‘Next’ at the top right hand of the agenda item screen.

The second agenda item in the list will now be highlighted for everyone.

As the meeting progresses, the agenda list will highlight the current topic under discussion. Once all the agenda items have been discussed, the facilitator should click the ‘End Meeting’ button.

Creating a Meeting Summary

When the meeting is ended, the facilitator can create a meeting summary which records all details of the meeting including the attendees, the agenda items and the notes and actions that were added during discussions.

Invitees returning to the board after the meeting has taken place will see a message stating the meeting has ended.

Deleting a board

Facilitators may delete their own ADM meeting boards from the 'Customise Your Meeting' screen. Click on the 3 dots next to the meeting board name on the 'Boards' page. The ‘Delete Meeting’ button is in the bottom left hand corner.

Recurring meetings

Once an ADM meeting has ended, the facilitator has the option to schedule another meeting. This enables the facilitator to set up a new meeting without having to re-invite the same participants. There is an option to keep all of the agenda list so you do not have to build a new agenda from scratch.

Once the follow-on meeting has been created, attendees may be added or removed and the agenda edited as required.

Recurring meetings are shown on the boards page as a meeting series.

Clicking on ‘View all meetings’ will display the next meeting and a list of all previous meeting boards.